The Sims 3 Bachelor Challenge

These rules will be followed loosely. I will not be sticking to them 100%, this is just to give you an idea of what the challenge is about. This blog will be part challenge, part story-telling.

By: KaintheSlayer (I take no credit for being the creator of the challenge)
Inspired by: PA Vicky’s Bachelor Challenge for the Sims 2

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge otherwise known as “Find a Love for Lonely Sim”.
(Based on our American TV Reality Show “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”)
1. Create your Bachelor/Bachelorette in CAS. You can give them what ever traits, and appearance you would like. If you’d like, you may instead choose to use a sim in the neighborhood as your “Lonely Sim.”

2. Then add seven other sims of the opposite sex for your lonely Sim, or if you’re feeling adventurous you could make it a gay thing, but then you might forget who your lonely Sim is because they all look alike after a while. Like with the Bachelor/Bachelorette, you may give the single sims whatever traits, and appearance you would like. As with the Lonely Sim, you may instead choose to move in sims from the neighborhood to serve as the Single Sims. Any combination of Single Sims may be created in CAS, and moved in from the neighborhood (Important note: none of the Single Sims may know the Lonely Sim before the beginning of the challenge).
– To add drama, try to make a few sims with traits that diametrically oppose each other (sloppy/neat, friendly/mean-spirited, good/evil, etc). This addendum is optional, but it can make the challenge pretty interesting

3. Move your sims into an empty lot, of any size (Larger lots work better, since that’s a lot of sims living in a small area). Use the Motherlode cheat to grant yourself as much money as you’d like. This isn’t a challenge about making money, have fun splurging! In fact, the more money, the better, since your sims can’t have jobs
– Make sure you have 5 chess tables and/or fooseball tables (whichever you feel is more appropriate to the “personality” of your lonely sim. If you can think of a better skill-related 1v1 activity, feel free to replace fooseball tables/chess tables with it.). It helps to have at least three toilet seats and three showers. A food buffet is also nice, so no one needs to waste time cooking. One last helpful thing is a “Date Room.” A place where the Lonely Sim may go to be alone with the Single Sims for their Romantic Dates, where the others won’t barge in on them (locking the door helps).

4. The rules:
– You may not directly control any of your sims, to make them interact with each other, except during the “Day by Day” events. You may, however, direct sims to use the bathroom, eat, etc (and sustain their appropriate needs). Sims need to naturally befriend each other on their own free will.

– None of your sims may have a job, or attempt to get a job over the course of this challenge. You may use all the “Motherlode” you like. So money isn’t an issue.

– Every day, at 6:00 PM (except for the first day), it’s time for a single sim to be “kicked out.” Pause the game, and look at your Single Sim’s relationships panel. You need to look carefully at this (since there’s a lack of a numerical relationships value, annoyingly), and determine which single sim has the “lowest” relationship with your Lonely Sim. This Single Sim must be kicked out. In the case of ties, Enemies/Nemesis are kicked out first, Acquaintances are second, friends are third, good friends, best friends, and “love interest,” in that order.

– No sim may be moved into the house, after the Lonely Sim, and the initial 7 Single Sims have been created/moved in (However, the Lonely Sim and the 7 Single Sims MAY be moved into the household, rather than created in CAS).

– Several forms of “conversations” will occur during this challenge. Effectively, a conversation is where you perform interactions of a certain type, until you reach a certain point (an example might be friendly interactions, until you reach “Sociable” status, or romantic interactions until you reach “incredibly irresistable” status), and then allow them to proceed on their free will until they voluntarily break the conversations. If two interactions happen in a row, that cause the Lonely Sim, and the Single Sim to lose relationship points, you must end the conversation.


Day 1… Meet and Greet. Let your sims do what they want, and talk to who they want. Control them as necessary to keep their needs high.
– Over the course of the day, have your Lonely Sim go out of their way to perform a friendly conversation with each single sim (Have your lonely sim perform a friendly interaction, and allow them to continue their conversation on free will, until one of them cancels the action, at which point the conversation is over).

Day 2… Over the course of the day, allow your Sims to do as they wish. But attempt to get a “One on one” date between the Lonely Sim and each Single Sim. During this date, have the Lonely Sim perform enough friendly actions with the Single Sim that they’re having a “sociable” conversation, and then allow them to finish the conversation, before moving on to the next date.
– At 6:00 PM, it’s move-out time. As explained in section 4, choose the sim with the lowest “compatibility” with your lonely sim, and they must be “kicked out.”

Day 3… Over the course of the day, the “One on One” dates involve games of Chess. The Lonely Sim will need to have a game of chess (or fooseball, or which ever other one on one activity, that builds relationship stats you prefer to use) with each Single Sim. Try to make the games roughly half an hour, to an hour long, but you’ll need to gauge this yourself. There will need to be six games of chess throughout the day.
– Once again, at 6:00 PM, it’s time to determine who has the lowest relationship with your Lonely Sim, and kick them out.

Day 4… The One on One Dates today involve your Lonely Sim performing “romantic” interactions with each Single Sim, until they’re having a “flirty” conversation. Let the conversation continue, until they break it on their free will. Do this with each of the five remaining Single Sims.
– 6:00 PM. Move out Time.

Day 5… The Lonely Sim, and the four remaining Single Sims will all visit a community lot today, rather than stay in the house that they’ve got to be getting Stir Crazy from, by now. They may visit any community lot of your choosing (realistically, it would be one that fits your Lonely Sim’s personality. Like a Bookworm would like the library, and a Sim that “Loves the Outdoors” would like the beach, or park), but try to make it one that has lots of activities that Adult/Young Adult Sims may do on their free will. Eat Lunch at the community lot, and have the one on one dates there too (though it may be wise to find an isolated spot). You may have your Sims return home any time you wish, after the one on one dates.
– For Day 5′s one on one date, have your Lonely Sim perform romantic interactions with the Single Sim, until the conversation status is “Very Alluring.” At which point, have your Lonely Sim attempt a kiss with the Single Sim. After this attempt, let the conversation continue, and end on free will as normal, and move on.
– At 6:00 (You may or may not still be at the community lot at this time) it’s time for the sim with the lowest relationship with the Lonely Sim to move out. There should be three remaining Single Sims at this point.

Day 6… Before 6:00 PM, have your lonely sim start up a romantic conversation with each of the three remaining Single Sims (For the one on one dates), until it reaches the status of “irresistible,” at which point, have the lonely sim attempt to make out with the Single Sim, and continue the conversation on free will as normal.
– 6:00 PM, move-out time. There should be two remaining Single Sims, now.
– Do Something fun to celebrate the “Finals!” This could be anything! Enjoy some wine (If one of your Sims was moved in, and had some in their inventory), have your Lonely Sim dance with the two remaining Singles. What ever you do, limit your controlled interactions between your Lonely Sim and Single Sims to two actions. Let the rest go on free will.

Day 7… This is the final day! If you’d like to, and your Single Sims have families, you may invite them over to the house in a party, to “meet the families.” Whether you hold this party on not, have your one on one dates with either Single Sim before 6:00.
– For Day 7′s One on One Date, have your Lonely Sim strike up a romantic conversation with the Single Sims (one at a time, obviously) until it reaches “irresistible” status. At this point, have your Lonely Sim attempt two “Make Outs” with the Single Sims.
– 6:00 PM, Move Out Time
– Congratulations! You have completed the Sims 3′s Bachelor/Bachelorette challenge, by KaintheSlayer. To determine if you succeeded on the challenge or not, have your Lonely Sim perform romantic interactions with the remaining Single Sim, until they are at “Irresistible” status, and attempt to Woohoo. If they Woohoo, you win!

Due to the “Conversation Status” implemented in the Sims 3 (Where, with a bit of luck, and good timing, two sims can Woohoo after knowing each other only 12 hours), this is much easier than it was in the Sims 2. This “’Challenge” exists, more to compliment “side-stories” to legacies, and other, similar challenges. To make it a challenge, I will see if I can’t attach point scores to it in future versions.

If you have the World Adventures expansion pack, it’s very handy to have the “No Jealousy” Lifetime Happiness award, as it erases the risk of your Single Sims getting angry at your Lonely Sim for flirting with the other Singles.

Have, at most, one or two “group activity” objects that build fun quickly (such as a console game). This will make it easier for your sims to group together, and build relationships quickly.

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